Break Even

When a story fell flat last week, I took advantage of the opportunity to capture shots of a few nice whips. Although I was disappointed that the owner of WTW Customs (Broward) was unable to chat for a brief interview, I began speaking with some of the auto shop’s crew members. Most of the guys were helpful and all were knowledgable about performing lifts and suspensions on vehicles.

One guy, “50,” a WTW mechanic, filled me in on his success with the company. He’s come a long way cutting and pimping out vehicles. When 50 joined the auto shop, he only had experience in the interior. Now, he’s a pro!

WTW Customs spins with style

WTW Customs spins with style

No shows and cancellations

As a writer, sometimes it’s difficult to schedule appointments with subjects for interviews. However, that first big step of arranging a date and time is a confirmation that the person is willing to participate and be interviewed. But what happens when subjects cancel and you’re already at the interview location? Well, there are a few options. 


1. Keep calm and be friendly. Speak to everyone. The other people may be your key to still securing a great interview and nailing a good story.

2. Then, ask those people for two individuals who may serve as potential sources.

3. Be persistent. Make everyone decline an interview before leaving the premises. 


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